Up and Coming Philanthropic Organizations in New York City

Philanthropy is the desire to promote the welfare of others through generous donations of money or other items to good causes. When it comes to philanthropy, New York City is the focal point of the nation. The city is home to many philanthropic organizations. Most of the charity foundations in New York City have a global reach. However, there are many others that are exclusively dedicated to the vibrant city. Below are some of the New York City’s up and coming philanthropic organizations:

The Rockefeller Foundation
It is a private philanthropic organization that is based in the heart of the city. The sixth-generation Rockefeller family established it on May 14, 1913. The founders of the organization were John D. Rockefeller, John D. Rockefeller Jr., and Fredrick Taylor Gates. The mission of the charity organization is “promoting the well-being of humanity throughout the world.” The foundation was ranked among the top 50 largest foundations in the USA in 2015. The philanthropic organization financially supports education in the country without any bias on sex, race, or creed. The Rockefeller Foundation set up the Harvard School of Public Health and the John Hopkins School of Public Health. It also helped The New School to offer a haven for students threatened by Nazis. Moreover, the organization developed the yellow fever prevention vaccine.

The Ford Foundation
The charity organization was established in 1936. The founders of the organization were Henry Ford and Edsel Ford. The Ford Foundation is one of the largest and most influential foundations in the universe. The organization has special interests in education, human rights, economic empowerment, the creative arts, Third World development, and democracy. Darren Walker is the President of the Foundation.

Bloomberg Philanthropies
According to Crain’s New York Business, Bloomberg Philanthropies is the third largest charity organization in the city. It has assets worth $6.5 billion. The President of the organization is Patricia E. Harris. Philanthropist Michael R. Bloomberg founded the organization. The charity organization mainly focuses on matters relating to arts, public health, government innovation, education, and the environment. The organization has a global reach.

Edna McConnell Clark Foundation
The organization’s main focus is on providing opportunities for young people with low income. Nancy Roob is the President and CEO of the company. Its strategy is to make long-term investments with other sponsors in programs with proven growth potential. The investments are meant to meet the urgent needs of disadvantaged people in the country. Roob stated that she loves the feeling of waking up and knowing that she was able to change a person’s life trajectory.

The Commonwealth Fund
The organization was founded in 1918 by Anna Harkness. David Blumenthal serves as the President of the organization. The mission of the foundation is to promote high-performing health care systems. The Commonwealth Fund offers grants to cater for research on health policy topics such as service delivery to disadvantaged populations.


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