NBC Helps Youth in L.A.

In recent history, Comcast NBC Universal has continued to maintain and further improve their efforts to participate in face to face, hands on volunteer service in different urban neighborhoods across the country. To effectively help these students, it is interesting to recognize that NBC took a wide approach with respect to comprehensively offering help from all angles, therefore creating a support net for these young people to find their voice. NBC’s mentee network is comprised of a range of passionate, established experts from career fields such as Telemundo news anchors to human resource professionals.

This essentially allows for maximum face to face time with students who are looking for different ways to better understand how different industries operate within media companies. Although the nature of the mentor program did not necessarily have the initial implication of navigating these young adults into media per se, it provided a network of successful professionals who are connected to them.


nbc logo

Moreover, NBC runs a mentor program that consists of some entertainment fun, academic help and career advice with different pairings of students and advisers as a means to help young people adjust to changes in their lives. The NBC mentors and City Year mentees in Los Angeles participate in themed activities month to month as a part of the bigger process to grow in all areas of their lives.

Interestingly enough, they discuss topics such as teamwork and growing into adulthood after graduation, while focusing on how to jump start on different forms of progress in their respective potential careers. After creating this one on one personal connection with an NBC employee, the mentee learns a wide array of skills in terms of morale, workplace conduct and how to specifically offer community outreach services once they become established professionals.

For many of those who participated, in addition to feeling certain that she made a difference in other young individuals’ lives, one volunteer Erica Marie points out the fact that this experience also produced a new, profound bond with her coworkers. “When you get your hands dirty on a project or you get your family involved, you develop a broader outlook about what’s important in the world,” she says. “I’m happier working here knowing that the company cares about the big picture in the community. It makes a difference.” To read more about NBC’s ongoing program, please visit this link.


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