Fundraising on Facebook & Twitter

Tapping into Facebook as the primary way to fundraise for a charity or a specific philanthropic cause is absolutely essential in terms of reaching said donation goals. It’s no question that in many cases Facebook still dominates as one of the most effective social media platforms that drives traffic to your donation page or your brand’s site. Liz Ragland’s Nonprofit Marketing Blog touches upon endless methods and best practices on different, popular social media platforms that can help you angle your cause in order to yield effective results for every partner in the situation.

One method that is highlighted that some social media users partake in is the scheduling out of content or information in accordance to specific time frames when people are more active on the platform. It’s a common mistake for users to tweet out posts that contains important content that doesn’t receive a ton of traction or engagement. This doesn’t go to say that the information was useful or resourceful at all, it just didn’t appeal to the people you wanted it to at that time or sometimes more importantly, that platform.

facebook logo

In addition, when promoting the information related to your charity’s mission statement, a good rule of thumb is to dedicate a specific day a week that allows current followers or potential ones to engage with your brand. Consistent branding is a key point that many people tend to forget when they are fundraising for their nonprofits. If you have the resources, using a web designer to create some visually appealing graphics to pair with tweets, facebook posts and/or linkedin updates to create a level of engagement. Studies do show that the overall level of engagement actually increases when an aesthetically pleasing visual complements text in a post, creating more of a likelihood for users to retweet, like or tweet at your organization.

Also, purchasing Facebook ads to target users that have a high chance to engage with your charity, but gaining a better understanding of their online behavior to see if they are valuable enough to buy an ad for. If you are running a campaign for a soup kitchen in Chicago, you would therefore make a special effort to actually buy ads for users that have volunteered at a neighboring soup kitchen or showed an interest in your brand’s page.

With this in mind, it is also important to pay special attention to the statistical data that you can analyze from platforms like Twitter to help you improve your campaign the next time around. For example, Twitter analytics can actually allow you to view which times of the day receive the most user engagement and how many people connected with your profile in one way or another. Read more about how to fundraise on Facebook and other social media profiles here. 


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