Apple’s Technology To Assist Health Needs

apple COO jeff williams

Along with tech companies such as Microsoft or Nokia, Apple is no way taking a back seat in terms of releasing ways consumers around the world can maintain their health and overall physical well-being. Tech companies are constantly reinventing themselves in every facet of the business, and this includes how different forms of technology their loyal consumers can benefit from the most.

Apple is currently launching different digital platforms that allow a wide array of people to access apps or products in order to more effectively keep track and maintain health. For example, the apple watch is an incredible device that essentially incorporates a heart-rate sensor, to record and monitor biometric data generated by the product’s consumer. Williams also remains certain that these are only beginning steps for apple watch as it continues to develop more health care based functions for developing nations including, but not limiting to Africa.

On the radio show Conversations on Healthcare, Apple’s COO Jeff Williams firmly expressed the company’s moral stance to spread the democratization of healthcare. In the future, Williams stated that Apple would eventually create a sense of interconnectedness with its user, by detecting potential users, while also treating the illnesses that the consumer is suffering from. He discussed how the company plans to use innovative practices as a means to create useful resources to tackle the healthcare discrepancy globally.

The COO Apple also took some time on the radio show to highlight how the use of smartphones as a cultural phenomenon is one that gives the company motivation it needs to further affect how users engage with their products to shape their health. He also pointed out that Apple is passionate about commoditizing health services in their products, while emphasizing the fact that smartphones act as the fundamental starting point for this to be successful both domestically and globally. Jeff Williams said “The power of taking smartphones into that region and having an impact on people’s lives in terms of their IQ and their social skill by intervening early on autism, that’s the kind of thing that makes us get up in the morning.”

With the sort of advancements Apple has in mind, there is no doubt that the tech giant’s competitors will also conjure up innovative methods to aid people in their efforts to monitor their physical and mental well-being. To read more about Apple’s future endeavors in the health service field, click here.


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