Simple Steps of Making A True Difference This Holiday Season

Amidst all the hustle of bustle of the holiday season, it can be a little too easy to forget that it is really important during this special time of year to give back to those who may not be as fortunate as we are. Although we are a bit guilty of getting a little too carried away with Christmas shopping and gift-giving for our loved ones, contributing resources back into the community is equally as salient.

With the abundance of charities that are either upcoming or have been established for a fair amount of time, it is a good start to ask yourself what the organization actually needs to keep its engine running. Each organization has a specific mission in which they demonstrate various ways to reach a target or accomplish a goal to further better themselves as charitable bodies. Even though money is an implied necessity that every non-profit organization uses to function, there are various other pieces of the puzzle that can be even more valuable than the dollar.

The first step in the process to effectively contribute to a non-profit organization or a charity is to not only further research said establishment’s needs at the time, but also reach out to management to see where your skills are needed. In terms of providing an organization with different skill sets that you may have, these can be simple facets of your professional career or a passionate hobby that you have which you wouldn’t mind applying in that situation to help others.

Moreover, community soup kitchens are great examples of organizations that often times have food and monetary donations, but usually need a helping hand to volunteer to serve meals to the needy. With soup kitchens especially, volunteers have the tendency to help throughout the holiday season with solid short-term commitment, but sometimes forget to continue to give time the rest of the year.


For many people, there is a more satisfying, interactive sentiment in relation to volunteering at local soup kitchens because it allows for face to face contact with the individuals you are helping. Rather that donating money or dropping food off, soup kitchens are special in the sense that they always need hands to feed the many mouths that come through the door. In terms of volunteering at soup kitchens abroad, Habitat for Humanity has long-term international programs for individuals interested in working with various overseas projects for different time commitments across the world. Making the habit to volunteer at your local soup kitchen with a few friends or coworkers is truly a wonderful way to enter into the new year. Check out more ways to make a charitable difference from the Huffington Post. 


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